Ministry Of Justice And Human Rights Signs Personal Data Protection Commitment

Author:Mr Daniel McLoon, Mauricio F. Paez, Richard J. Johnson, Jonathon Little, Kevin D. Lyles, Todd S. McClelland, Jeff Rabkin, Lisa M. Ropple, Adam Salter, Michiru Takahashi, Undine von Diemar, Paloma Bru, Olivier Haas, Jörg Hladjk and Anand Varadarajan
Profession:Jones Day

On July 8, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos), through the Directorate General of Personal Data Protection and along with 11 representatives of taxi and transport services companies that provide services via virtual applications, enacted a resolution (source document in Spanish) concerning the protection of users' personal data. This resolution, or "commitment," followed several claims that taxi drivers were using clients' personal data to sexually harass them. According to the resolution, companies will...

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